Transparent Terraced Housing Project

Site Model with Design Strategy

View from Wellington Road

Site Model with Design Strategy

View from Wellington Road

Model of Housing Unit


This second year project was based in Wellington Road on the north side of Cork city. The brief required a typology of housing suited to the site, which was used as a car park. I chose to develop a terraced row of houses which shared party walls and could be accessible from the street, without interfering too much with the existing buildings.

The concept was to design a house which could be as transparent as possible, without being overly exposed to the public using the roadway. The structural strategy employed allowed for supporting walls to run perpendicular with the street, which reduced the interference of secondary partitions. In addition, the open plan kitchen and living spaces are moved upstairs to eliminate infringements in privacy while availing of views out towards the city. Bedrooms on the ground floor benefit from the cantilevered floor slab over hang, to increase the shadow falling on the glazing for privacy purposes.

The development also incorporates an underground car park to give residents every chance of creating their own external features on this tightly packed site.


2nd Year; Wellington Road, Cork City


2nd Year; University College Cork