Additional Work

Maggie's Cancer Care Centres Spatial Comparisons


Maggie’s Centres are cancer care centres for patients who want to engage with other sufferers and talk about their illness in the comfort of a homely atmosphere. These centres are not like hospitals; they eliminate the clinical nature of those spaces by providing uniquely warm and idiosyncratic designs to create light filled, naturally exposed rooms that relax patients and encourage interaction and dialogue. Famous architects such as Richard Rogers, Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid have all completed and built these centres around the world, with the majority residing in Britain. All centres must adhere to the same brief but individual architectural creativity is encouraged. This analytical drawing was produced to compare each architects design under the same spatial requirements, and deciphering which layouts proved to be more successful than others.

Buildings Compared:

  • Maggie’s Gartnavel Glasgow (Rem Koolhaus)
  • Maggie’s Charring Cross London (Richard Rogers)
  • Maggie’s Aberdeen (Snohetta)
  • Maggie’s Newcastle (Ted Cullinan)
  • Maggie’s Fife Kirkcaldy (Zaha Hadid)
  • Maggie’s Dundee (Frank Gehry)


4th Year


4th Year; University College Cork